Hear what people are saying

"This music class is one of the best parts of our week!  Ms. Rachel is not only musically skilled, but also very approachable for young children.  I would say that my son is her biggest fan, but it seems that all the little ones feel the same way about her.  I quickly noticed a leap in my son's singing and rhythm after starting Music Together®.  We plan to enroll again and again until he ages out!"



"We love Music Together with Miss Rachel!  We like singing the fun songs and listening to the music!  I've enjoyed watching my 2 and 3 year old become more involved in music class.  Not only are they learning about music and able to keep a beat, but they're learning about being with other children and following directions!  Such a fun activity for the whole family!"



"Miss Rachel leads a very fun class that changes from week to week but remains familiar.  My 1.5 year old has shown great musical growth over the past 12 weeks and I'm excited to keep going over the coming years.  The music is beautiful, fun, and never gets old.  It's become one of our favorite ways to play together.  Highly recommended for all!"



"We absolutely love Mrs. Rachel and classes at Music Together of South Tulsa!  The Music Together curriculum is research based and the best out there for young children.  Plus, you'll find Mrs. Rachel to be calm, kind, and an all-around amazing music teacher.  My kids sing these songs every single day and light up then they hear the traditional 'Hello Song.'"